Hermon & Hermon

Melbourne, Australia

Hermon & Hermon have long stayed the course of design fashion with a style that is unimpeachable in both demeanour and dress
— Annemarie Kiely, Vogue Living

With over 40 years of interior design experience, including 25 years running their own boutique retail store, Barbara and John Hermon have established a leading reputation in the industry based on their passion and fearless creativity.

The Hermons place particular emphasis on using quality hand-made products made from sustainable natural materials and fibres. These signature items are sourced through long-term relationships with suppliers in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, as well as Australian manufacturers. Each piece delivers on that essential ‘wow’ element so vital to effective interior design – creating moments that engage visitors and draw them deeper into each space they create.

The underlying philosophy behind all their work is to continually push at the boundaries of current design trends while simultaneously reimagining them, developing a signature H&H style that Vogue Living described as ‘deconstructed Japanese with a touch of tribal jewel’. Their passion means they are able to adapt and bring their flare to all their projects.

One of Hermon & Hermon's signature stories – the   Marais  .

One of Hermon & Hermon's signature stories – the Marais.

After 25 years of creating the distinctive H&H look, the pair sold their store – the first boutique homewares store of its kind in Richmond – in 2014 yet they have remained an active force in Melbourne’s design community. Barbara and John’s retail expertise has since carried over into their current roles as design consultants, serving as influential voices to the retail and commercial community and as ambassadors on the board of ‘Denfair’ – an invitation-only design fair for industry professionals – among others.

While their flagship store no longer exists, the H&H business continues to operate, sourcing specific product and design pieces to suit special projects for both the domestic and commercial market.

The Hermons are active supporters of changes to Federal copyright laws. They believe more can be done to protect the integrity of authentic design and prevent cheap imported copies from filtering through the Australian marketplace.

In recent years Barbara and John have downsized their home to a leafy inner city suburb. In their spare time they run an unofficial puppy care service for their friends, fondly known as H&H B&B! They also stoke the fires of their AFL rivalry – Barbara being from Geelong, while John hails from Hawthorn. Thankfully they’re able to put aside their sporting differences to collaborate on what they love most – interior design.

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